2 Mar 2017

Photographer of the Week - Johanna Vaurio, Finland

I have always been very interested in animals, especially horses. As born in sixties here in Finland, the idea having a pony of my own was an uthopie. But I never stopped wanting one. I got to go to the riding lessons, though, and spent all my time at stables. In the country I cared and groomed Finnhorses, in the harness racing events I groomed racing horses and with a girlfriend of mine I went to test ride ponies for sale - just to get on a back of a horse.

In the college I had to concentrate more in studies as I wished to become a vet. It all went well and I started my studies in the university to become one. With my first student loan I bought a Finnhorse. Quite soon I realized that I would like to live in the countryside and suddenly the amount of horses started to accumulate.

And other animals.

And children.

2 x white and fluffy

So now I am a mother of four children, live in Nurmijärvi and work as a veterinarian here in Klaukkala. At home I have had horses for over thirty years, sometimes more, now less - only ten. Two of my children have ridden very actively, also competing with Shetland ponies, big ponies and horses. For the other one of my children horses became a profession, my son Ville Vaurio works as a trainer of dressage horses in Germany and also as a coach here in Finland a couple of weekends per month.

I have bred Shetland ponies, miniature Shetland ponies and Finnhorses and we have seen more than 50 foals to be born. Nowadays only a few mini Shetland pony foals are born at our stables and for riding we have Icelandic horses.

Icelandic horse

Icelandic horses

Shetland ponies

So I´ve been quite busy! When the children, one by one, moved away from home I had more time for my own hobbies and discovered photographing. First I was more interested in processing images, for me it was like a coloring book is for children, but I had to learn to take pictures to process. I also needed pictures for the website of my stud farm. 

An ordinary pocket camera wasn´t enough any more and I bought my first DSLR camera and it totally went out of my hands... I went to courses three nights a week and spent all my free time learning to photograph. 

I still do photograph a lot, almost every day, and I love to participate workshops and courses. 

Mostly I photograph horses, but also people and other animals in milieu, and in my little studio children and dogs, too.

Girl with huskies, workshop with Elena Shumilova 

White reindeer in Lapland


I´m crazy about Iceland.

It´s a paradise for a photographer and I wish I will have a possibility to live there for a year and just to take photos. I visit Iceland several times a year, riding and photographing.


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