20 Mar 2017

Photographer of the Week - Jaana Vuola, Finland

I got into photography by accident, 

even though I have always been interested in it and been basically taking pictures
all my life (using film but let’s not get in to that age thing). 
A couple of years ago I started to take it seriously when the life I had planned didn’t go 
as that, I found something new. Good example how life guides as, 
we just have to grab it. 

Horses have always been in my life but when I started to photograph horses 
I found the thing. You know, the thing that makes other things somewhat less important.

Something special that I could do all day and never get tired of it. 

Photography and travelling go so well together, just money getting in the way of it all but 
when it’s possible, I take my camera and laptop and hit the road! Last year I did some 
travelling around Iceland. My favourite place definitely, there is something in that place 
that you can't explain, have to see it for yourself. Also did a trip to the US and met some 
mustangs for the first time. Very special place that impressed me but will write 
about that in a different post.

I used to have horses of my own but now I have only two miniature shetlands, my guys, 

Retu and Wilburi. 

They are in my pictures time to time but as they say in Finland 
“suutarin lapsella ei ole kenkiä - the shoemaker's children go barefoot”, I take 
pictures of other peoples animals. Not enough time or what ever excuses but this 
summer I try to photograph my own animals more. 

Couple of interesting ideas that I try to make happen, so let’s see what crazy 
stuff I come up with this spring and summer. 

See more:

Homepage: jaanavuola.com

Instagram: photosby_jaana

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