1 Mar 2016

March, lovely March!

March is the first real spring month. Here in Finland we still have snow but the spring is in the air. Summer seems to be far, far away but now it would be a perfect moment to think about the spring time celebratioins: mother´s day, graduation parties, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

What would be a perfect gift for a horse loving person?
Yep, that´s right - a horsehair jewellery.

jouhikoru  pferdehaar schmuck
Ring Carus

jouhikoru  pferdehaar schmuck
Ring Cassiopeia

jouhikoru  pferdehaar schmuck
Ring Coco

horsehairjewellery,sieraadenvanpaardenhaar, pferdehaarschmuck
Ring Leyla

All the items are custom made, ribbons woven of your
own horse´s hair (or stock hair when required).

Please, place your order in time -
delivery time is ca. four weeks.
Giftcards also available.

We haven´t forgotten men either:
In the collection you find cufflinks, tiebars
and a plastron needle as well.

You find the whole fabulous collection here:

Enquieries and orders by email

Bracelet Naomi

photos by Nanna Salmi

If you wish to serve something very special in your party, here´s a tip:

Champagne coctail 'The Friesan Flower' by Mick Jeffries

½ oz. St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
3 oz. Bollinger Champagne
1 tsp. Créme de Violette Austrian Violet Liqueur
1 red tea rose with a 5” stem

Cocktail created by Mick Jeffries on commission for the owners of
2009 Kentucky Derby horse Friesan Fire.

Friesan Fire by Sarah K. Andrew www.rockandracehorses.com

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