10 Feb 2016

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Some people know how to surprise the others - and how to make them real happy!

Annika decided to surprise her big sister on her birthday.
She spoke to the other friends and they decided to collect money
and get her something really special. Although everybody
couldn´t be present, the day turned out perfect!

What is going on?

Nothing special... Just going for a ride...

But when they came back, this was waiting!

Coffee, sandwiches, horse shaped cake, pink cava...
And a golden box!

Here you are! Happy birthday from all of us!

What is it... OMG! 

A bracelet made with hair of her late mare. So beautiful.
Best birthday present ever!

The more the merrier!

Make a wish!

Something for the horses, too.

Would you like to surprise your friend, groom, trainer, or the stable owner? Get together, collect some money and some hair - have a present and a stable party to remember!

Enquieries and orders by email

for having us!

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