9 May 2015

What does it take to create something special?

Sometimes when you taste, see, touch or try something on it feels special. It might be hard to tell in one word what it is but when you give it a better thought you realize that somebody has given that specific item or thing a lot of time, love and passion. Someone has committed to his work.

Someone has been uncompromising and held on a dream and vision.

Behind the great products there is often a will to help somebody,mmake somebody´s life more comfortable, easier or pleasant.

Or just to offer somebody pure joy and pleasure.

If you wish to have a perfect foal, you look for a perfect mare and stud.
If you wish to make a perfect pair of boots you look for the best leather.
If you wish to make a perfect bottle of bubbling wine you look for a perfect grape.

Then starts the hard work that takes time and patience. Sometimes you also need some luck or help from the others. There are ups and downs, sometimes you make mistakes and sometimes you face challenges or difficulties that seem almost impossible to solve.

That is the point where the success is born.

If you are innovative, hard working, creative and humble you will overcome and the result will be something very special.

Dubarry of Ireland wanted to create work for the people during the difficult years and produce great boots for use.

Coco Chanel wanted to give women freedom and dress them simple but elegant.

Wine farmers in Champagne worked for decades to create the perfect bubble and to find the best combinations for perfect tasting experience.

Nanna Salmi wants to offer you a perfect keepsake of your beloved horse.

And as you know... original is original, no matter what...

If you do/make something wonderful, equestrian related, please let us know!
We would be delighted to tell our readers about you and your work/products. 

Contact minna.maattanen(at)nannasalmi.com 

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