11 May 2015

Anja - the black Friesian beauty

Last summer we received an email from The Friesian Horse Association of Great Britain & Ireland. They had seen nannasalmi -jewelry and asked us to sponsor their Friesian Festival in August.

We gladly did so!
The Friesians are one of the most beautiful horse breeds in the world and Nanna Salmi has had an honor to work with hair of some very famous ones, Nanning 374 and Anton 343, already.

It was quite exciting to wait and see who is going to win the custom made nannasalmi bracelet Mistral... All we knew was that we can count on black tail hair and a great horse!

Anja won Official FHAGBI inspections 2014 when she achieved the highest IBOP score of the day which resulted in her becoming the first Friesian Crown mare in the UK.

Here they are, Tracey Venter with Anja (Ait 410 x Time 398) 16hh Ride & Drive Mare

Official FHAGBI inspections 2014

Photo Firehorsephotography.co.uk

Friesian Horse Association

Tracey Venter is the proud owner of this beautiful mare and works with the Friesians with love and passion. She is one of those lucky people whose hobby is also her profession. She is also very active in the Friesian Horse Association of Great Britain & Ireland.

Crown mare Anja

Sandy Kitching photographer

custom made horsehairbracelet

Photos of Anja and Tracey by Sandy Kitching, The Early Bird Design

hand made custom made horsetailhair

Tracy´s bracelet Mistral made with hair from Anja.

Read more about Anja on the page Black Horses /Anja 

If you wish to see more of Tracey´s black beauties follow 
The Friesian Experience in Facebook

P.S. Gorgeous Crown mare Anja (Ait410) is in foal to Tsjalle 454!

the Friesian Horse Association of Great Britain & Ireland 

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