25 May 2015

Iceland Horse - The Breed Of Fire And Ice

Iceland horse is one of the most exceptional horse breeds. They are original and pure, small but strong and sure-footed. They have one "extra" gait, a tolt, and if you ever rode one, you know that it is very comfortable.

Like most cold blood breeds Iceland horses are calm, independent and very, very charming.

Iceland horse is one of the eldest horse breeds and represent the closest link to the early domesticated horses. They were brought to Iceland in the years 874 - 930 by the vikings who settled on the island.

Embroidered cloth made in England in the 1070s

As the Vikings traveled the Atlantic Ocean in open, small rowboats, transporting horses was not easy. They brought the lot they needed and since then there have been no horses imported in Iceland.

Before the motor engines, for centuries, the Iceland horse carried people, goods, mail, building materials etc. The Iceland horse was a very important part of the culture and the religion, too. The Viking God Odin was a horseman and rode Sleipnir, a horse with eight feet.

Odin riding Sleipnir - an 18th century Icelandic manuscript

Nowadays a horse back riding is a very popular sport and hobby in Iceland. Although it´s not possible to import horses in Iceland, thank God, they can be exported and it is possible to ride and have them in many other countries, too.

Icelandic horses can be kept outside all year through. They have a thick fur coat and they are used to hard weather conditions. There are stables built in Iceland, and the riding horses are kept in them. Breeding horses and young ones stay out all year.

Gigja Einarsdottir is an Icelandic Photographer who was born and raised with the Iceland horses. She captures the nature of the horses and the beautiful landscape of Iceland so that you immediately see the connection between the breed and nature. We hope you enjoy her talent.

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