26 Mar 2015

Elisabeth Panepinto - Her Camera Loves Horses

Elisabeth and Matsi by Prettyhorse Photography

I bought my first camera in 2008, it was a Nikon D60. I discovered a passion for photography when I began to take pictures with my brother’s little compact camera during school travels.

I was born in Liège, Belgium, 1991. I’ve been riding since I was 4,5 years old. I soon wanted to take pictures of horses I loved, which I did. I’m completely self-educated when it comes to photography or photoshop stuff. I never followed any workshops or courses.

At the age of 17 I went to Antwerpen to learn Dutch & Bray (Ireland) and English. That time I was still wondering if I was going to study photography or veterinary medicine. I followed my childhood dream and I’m now a vet student of the fourth year. It goes without saying that I’m planning to become a horse vet...

Mostly I take pictures of my beloved dog, cats and horses and sometimes I do some shootings as a student job. Most of those shootings are based on the relationship between horses/dogs and their owners. My favorite subjects are horses but I learned to enjoy dog photography when I adopted my lovely dog Matsi (border collie x germand shepherd).

What I like about horses is that you can find in each one a different personality, and I try to capture that the best I can. I find horses simply majestic. They don’t fake any emotion.

I love how they move, how they can hypnotize you, I love their curves. Horses are a very important part of my life.

As a little girl I practiced ballet and horse riding… I mean Shetland pony riding. The only thing I was thinking about when I danced was “dam*** I wish I was with ponies and could just forget about the ballet tutu!

I had a break with riding for five years and was more focused on horse photography, but I started again this year. I don’t have a horse of my own but I have the chance to ride really good ones who teach me a lot of things.

I want to thank Nanna Salmi for being someone involved in my work and for introducing me to her clientele around the world.

Elisabeth Panepinto´s home page HERE
Elisabeth Panepinto in Facebook HERE

Nanna Salmi found Elisabeth Panepinto and her photos in Facebook. 
Since then she has used her photographs in her advertising material, website etc. 
The horse above, in the label, is also photographed by Elisabeth. 
We want to thank her for these beautiful pictures! 

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