30 Mar 2015

Allah Jabek, Saudia, Al-Saad Khaled...

It is always exciting to get an order: what kind of a customer, what kind of a horse... Is there a special story behind the order and - most exciting - what kind of tail hair is in the envelope! But if there is "HRH" in front of the name in the order form, you might get super excited!

The Arabs are well known for their love of horses and the Saudia Arabian Royal Family is famous for their dedication in riding, breeding, promoting and developing the riding culture in
Saudi Arabia. They have a world class show jumping team and many of the riders are also
members of the royal family.

His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah Bin Miteb Abdullah Al-saud is one of the top riders in the team. At the London 2012 Olympic Games, in front of 23,000 spectators, he and his team mates made history: Saudi Equestrian team won it's first ever Team Jumping medal! The fellow riders were Kamal Bahamdan, Ramzy Al Duhami and Abdullah Al Sharbatly.

Big moment for the team in Sunny London 2012.

If you take a good look at HRH´s little finger, you can see the ring Saudia by nannasalmi. 

The first one ever was made for him in 2007. The ribbon for HRH's ring was 
black and contained hair of six of his favourite horses: 
Allah Jabek, Al-Saad Khaled, Poco Loco, Lil Majd, Obelix and 
- Saudia.

Nanna Salmi thought that the name "Saudia" would be perfect for this simple and elegant ring. The new design had a name, a beautiful name.

The woven ribbon is 6 mm wide and Saudia suits both men and women very well. The ring
is available in silver, gold and white gold. The ribbon is sheltered and covered on the palm side and that makes the ribbon more durable - you can wear it as your lucky charm when riding!

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