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6 Apr 2017

My Bracelet Scirocco

The hair for the bracelet Scirocco is from my first Friesian horse Aldert. He died very 
suddenly of grass disease three days after his 5th birthday. Aldert was a very gentle, 
rather quiet horse. He died on the 21st of June 2013 - it took me quite some time 
to be able to think of what I wish to do with his hair. 

I would prefer to have the bracelet of his own hair with a few strands of 
my horse Meindert, also a Friesian. Meindert is very confident and adorable horse.

I really love your designs and most of all, your
crafts work which is immaculate!

Willemijn, NL

Bracelet Scirocco, woven horsehair ribbon 'solid', 
for Willemijn to Netherlands.

We are happy when our customers are happy! Thank you, Willemijn, for
sharing these photos with us and thank you for your kind words.

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