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28 Nov 2016

The first sentance I spoke was; "I want a pony"

This is my Bella. Isabella Vida. I had wanted a horse my entire life. My mom says the first sentance i spoke was; "I want a pony". I took riding lessons, but when my parents divorced when I was 11, everything changed. There was no money for such frivilous pursuits.

I would ride whenever I had a chance, a trail ride with my husband to be at a family reunion and a trail ride with my son when he was 5. still, despite all that life brings, my love for horses remained in my heart.

Then one day I was at the pet store buying bird food. The young woman that worked there had horses. She had invited me out to ride. It was in my mind, but as a single working mom, I hadnt taken her up on it. She had a flyer that there was going to be a big horse sale at her barn. She said there was one big thoroughbred mare (having heard my preferance's before) I went straight out that day and saw a stick thin, big bay.

Her story was that she was off the track. Hurt her leg in her first out of the gate and her career ended. And it looked like her care did too. She had such kind eyes. I went home and thought of the money. I couldnt get her out of my mind. Went back the next day and she was mine. My 40th birthday present to myself.

I had waited my whole life for this wonderful soul and she hasn´t let me down one minute since I have had her. She very well could have ended up at slaughter, so one could assume that I saved her life. Truth be told, she has saved mine many times over!

Shawna Pinillas, Florida, USA

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