15 Jun 2016

If we only could have them forever - the beloved Horses

Nothing is "forever". Unfortunately.
But our own little "forever" is as long as we live.

Ring Amate
We remeber the first kiss as well as we remember the
first time in the saddle.

Bracelet Naomi
We remember how it felt like to find the right one
 - boyfriend, husband - or the horse.
Ring Carus
We remember when the children were born as well
as we remember the foals our mares had.

Bracelet Puella Star
And we remember that joyous, warm
feeling when we really loved somebody.

Bracelet Cedric
There are many happy moments in our lives we
will cherish in our hearts.

Ring Carus
And they can´t be taken away from us. They will
follow and stay with us - for our forever. 
As long as we live.

nannasalmi collection is inspired by the genuine love for horses.
It reflects all that they can give us and the things we´ll never forget:
love, understanding, joy, trust, beauty of life - you name it.

If you wish to have a keepsake made with your own horse´s
hair, please, visit our web pages and get yourself one!

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nannasalmi UK/Ireland

nannasalmi Suomi

nannasalmi USA

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