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5 Aug 2015

My girl Trocadia

My girl (Trocadia) has a special story. She comes from the stud Olympia. After a few races she has been rejected. One win and a few positionings haven´t been enough. Afterwards her previous owner (herself a jockey) took her and she got 2 foals. 

Her owner kept the foals but the mare in addition was too expensive. By chance I heared of her, went to see her and immediately fell in love with her. She set me back 200 €. We moved to a western barn and I decieded to ride her in western style. 

Since about 2 months she is under the saddle now. Sometimes we still have some differences. She has a lot of character and she is very intelligent. But anyway I prefare those horses.

She is a real beauty (and she knows it very well). And for me she is very special. My dream and my wish complied absolutely with her.

Alexandra SpĆ¼rck, Germany

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