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2 Jun 2015

New Ring 'Artema' - Lucky Charm

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the nannasalmi collection there are 
some new designs coming out!

The first one is the long awaited, a lot enquired: a ring with the horse shoe.

May we introduce the new ring 'Artema'

The ribbon is 6 mm wide, woven with your own horses hair.

"I wanted to design a simple and elegant ring, a lucky charm
that tells about our love to horses", Nanna Salmi says.

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P.S. You might have a dilemma what way to wear the ring... Don´t worry!

"When kept as a talisman, a horseshoe is said to bring good luck. Some believe that to 
hang it with the ends pointing upwards is good luck as it acts as a storage container 
of sorts for any good luck that happens to be floating by, whereas to hang it with 
the ends pointing down, is bad luck as all the good luck will fall out. 
Others believe that the horseshoe should be hung the other way 
(with the ends pointing down), as it will then release its luck to the people around it."

"I wish you all a warm, sunny, happy summer and a lot of
enjoyable moments with your beloved horses!"

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