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24 Apr 2015

Horse helping with the dishes?

When you use your best crystal glasses you don´t put them in a dishwasher, do you?
Of course not! You take the best dish brush, the one made with horsehair...
It is soft and tender, but removes lipstick, fingerprints and other stains easily.

A hint: If you drink a lot of tea, you know how cups start to look like in a while - 
 a horsersehair dish brush cleans your china effectively, but tenderly.

Photos by Riedel and Manufactüm

Mouth blown quality glassware by Riedel for 250 yrs
Dish brushes from Manufactum

When rinsing, use as hot water as possible and dry the glasses out with linen towel that does
not leave fibres on them.
Linen is fantastic - it just gets better and better when washing and using it!
The best ones are from a grandmom.

And dont worry - you can use your horsehair ring when doing the dishes!

Ring Cassiopeia, original design by Nanna Salmi

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Your shop in UK / Ireland

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