12 Apr 2017

The Most Unique Chocolate Egg - Fazer Mignon

For chocolate lovers the Finnish Easter has something very special and delicious to offer:

The Mignon chocolate egg.

The Mignon chocolate egg is an Easter confectionery made by the Finnish Fazer company. A real egg shell is filled with almond-hazelnut nougat and it tastes absolutely fantastic. The Mignon Easter egg is the second oldest Fazer product, dating back from 1896, when Karl Fazer brought the recipe from Germany.

Seven facts about Mignon Egg

1. The word "Mignon" is a synonym for sweet and cute.

2. The filling is made of almonds, hazelnuts and cocoa butter, no milk is used.

3. The eggs are hand made. 45 professionals make them every year. The season is from November till March.

4. The Mignon egg has always had famous admirers. Russian czar Nikolai II was the first one and the eggs belonged to the Easter traditions of the court side by side with the valuable Fabergé -eggs.

5. Every year 1,6 million empty egg shells are transported from Kaarina to Fazer, Vantaa. The shells have to be packed very carefully and they fill 23 trucks.

6. The hole is made into an egg with a diamond drill and the egg yolk is sucked out. The yolks are used in the other products of The Fazer Bakery.

7. The shells are washed and disinfected and dried over night in warm. The hole has to be symmetric, if it´s not, the shell will be put aside and these shells are sent to children´s day care for the kids to decorate.

A Mignon egg is an extraordinary,
unforgettable experience.

See how it´s made:

Where to buy them? Here is one link: candyhero.com

Because the Mignon eggs are made into a real egg shell, they can also be decorated
like the real, "ordinary eggs".

Nanna loves painting them and every year she paints a few.

Hand painted Easter egg by Nanna Salmi,
rings Tuum and Leyla, horse hair ribbon 6 mm

Hand painted Easter egg by Nanna Salmi,
bracelet Puella Star, horse hair ribbon 6 mm

Sometimes you get an Easter egg without chocolate,
but diamonds might consolate a little...

Ring Cassiopeia, horse hair ribbon 3 mm, 54 diamonds

We wish you all very happy and delicious Easter time!

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