19 Aug 2016

Crayfish Season - How to get them?

It starts in the end of July and goes on till the end of October -

the crayfishing season.

It´s a tradition in Finland to celebrate this season with family and friends eating, drinking and singing.

But first you have to get them!

You can buy them in a market hall, catch them yourself or, if you are lucky, you drive to the countryside and get them from a friend. We have this possibility and it´s a pure pleasure although it´s a one hour drive.

There they come... For our party, with ten people, we got 

100 crayfish.

The preparations start the day before the actual feast. The crayfish travelled in the back of the car, covered with leaves, and they should be cooked the very same day.

For cooking you need a big cooking pot (the bigger the better), water, dill, sugar and salt. That´s all. 

 Tilli, dill

The smell of the fresh dill is something special and it can´t be too much of it in the maker broth.

sea salt and sugar, merisuolaa ja sokeria

Sea salt, of course...

boiling crayfish, rapujen keittäminen

Water should be boiling hot all the time and the chef has to be quite quick!

When they are all cooked, nice and red, they are left in a cool place
soaking in the broth to be well marinated. Tomorrow will be
the day of the joyful crayfish feast... 

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