3 May 2016

Horses and Dreams 2016 Hagen a.T.W.

Of course if you are working in the horse show you don´t get to see much yourself. But while having a break it was quite nice to stand in sunshine under the trees and watch the riders and
horses warming up.


At the dressage area not too many red bows was seen on the tails, at jumping arena they were not that rare...

horses and dreams hagen atw deutschland

There were riders from all over the world, also junior riders.

It is not a phone!


A horse show can be also a little garden show...

Our "almost next door neighbours" from Finland, House of Akoya. It was nice meeting you!

For children or just decoration?

Traditional Dubarry stand. Literally.


He didn´t have to stand in the bugget all the time...

Playground for children: hay, sand and a ceiling!

Our youngest customer. See you next year, Horses and Dreams!

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