9 Nov 2015

Why not to get married in Winter?

You need less planning time.

Many venues and vendors have greater availability during slower months, you can get 
married also on a short notice!

Invitation from Etsy

Your guests will definitely be looking forward to your wedding

In summer the social calendars are filled with parties and happenings - in winter
there is much less going on and your wedding would be a highlight
of the quiet season.

equestrian wedding

You can be unique with your dress

What would be a better excuse for these DeNiro -boots than winter wedding?

You’re able to think about long-sleeve gowns, deeper shades, heavier fabrics and 
glamorous  accessories. And you, the groom or the guests don´t have to
worry about sweating.

It´s easier to decorate spectacularly!

All you need is lights and candles. They will be absolutely beautiful and glorious
in the dark winter night and you don´t need so many flowers to compete 
with the nature´s green.

horsehair wedding bands

Snow is a beautiful background
You will get very unique wedding photos - no matter if it´s snowing or shining

You don´t have to choose a "theme colour"
It´s quite obviously white!

It costs less

You will get services way cheaper. Most vendors are desperate for business between
December and March - you have more room to negotiate.
You can use your money on more important things:
good champagne and wedding bands of your dreams!

(You don´t need a fridge to keep drinks cold...)

equestrian wedding band

Ring Cassiopeia in gold and white gold with 54 diamonds

horsehairjewelry  horsehairjewellery pferdehaarschmuck sieraadenvanpaardenhaar bijouxencrinsdecheval equestrianjewelry

Rings Amate and Tuum in gold or white gold

In nannasalmi collection you find many options for equestrian
bride and groom.

Just imagine, wedding bands made with a ribbon woven of
your own horse´s tail hair...


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