6 Nov 2015

Christmas Season is about to begin

Yes, we know: it seems like a long time till Christmas.
There´s not even first snow fallen down here in Finland, just a little frost in the morning.

Have you given a thought to Christmas presents? If not, do it now!

What would be a better gift for your horse loving friend or beloved one than nannasalmi horsehair jewelry?

Earrings and broochees are easy, you don´t have to know the actual size.

earrings horsehair tailhair

Earrings Ibere, ribbon 3 mm 

equestrian earrings by nannasalmi

Earrings Cali ribbon 3 mm 

Brooch cassandra by nannasalmi

Brooche Cassandra

During the christmas season the delivery time can be even six weeks.

equestrian cufflinks

Cufflinks Polo

equestrian tiebar

Tiebar Poco Loco

nannasalmi collection is custom made of customer´s own horse´s tailhair
but also available made of stock hair.

If you  want to give a custom made jewelry but don´t know the size or 
harvesting certain hair in time to ship to us is too challenging,
give a gift voucher.

Any sum of money or any name of jewelry can be written on it and it defenately
will be there for Christmas and for sure it will be appreciated.

Enquieries, vouchers and orders by email:

See the entire collection

We wish you all a very merry November!

P.S. Send this blog link as a little hint to your husband or boyfriend -
they always struggle with gift ideas before Christmas, anniversaries
and birthdays...

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