31 Jan 2017

For You, dear Gentlemen - Valentine´s Day

Yes, we know...

It´s the same every year: what would be a perfect gift
on Valentine´s day for your wife or girlfriend. Don´t worry!

We have the most practical and easy solution to fulfill 
the wildest dreams of your horse loving dearest:

nannasalmi horsehair jewellery made with her own horse´s hair.

ring Carus Star

bracelet Puella Star

 Oh yes, we guess your next problem.
Would it be "I don´t know her size..."?
Or "How do I get the tail hair strands of her horse...?"
It might be even "Oh no, Valentine´s day is already so close!!!"

ring Cassiopeia

ring Marieke

Relax. Just send us a message and order a gift voucher to give to her.
(Along she will get all the information how to place her order.)
She will take care of the rest and we guarantee she will not
blame you for not having a ready item to give.

Some roses, glass of sparkling and this - 
just perfect!

Contact us directly

We wish you a perfect Valentine´s Day
in February!

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