1 Jun 2016

It´s Always a Miracle - A Foal

Perhaps you remember Hovin Inka? A beautiful Finnhorse mare we have 
written about before?  In May 2015 it was about a Finnhorse in general. We
think she is a perfect example about this horse race:

In February 2016 she showed us what the real winter is - with Finnhorse:

Now she is a brand new, proud mother!

Tinka´s (Inkan Totinka) father is Vihi-Totti. Mating was performed as an artificial insemination
17 and 19.5. "During the gestation Inka became, if possible, even smoother and easier as she had no more rutting seasons. In the end of gestation she spent a lot of time alone, away from other horses, but toward people she got more cuddly," Juha tells.

This picture was taken in the end of April. She seems to think that it is no time for foaling yet.

"Oh yeah, let it snow... I´ll wait for the better weather..."

After 348 days, 30th of April, Inka started foaling. In only one hour the brand 
new baby was out in the world and standing on her own feet. 

The perfect little horse got a name Tinka.
 (Inkan Totinka)

What a place to start a new life!

"As a mother Inka is calm, confident and gentle. It´s heart warming to see how she shows the world and teaches the small one. She´s not very jealous or over protective, but sometimes she tells the other horses not to come near. With people she is confident and lets us near the foal with no problem."

Juha tells that Tinka is very brave and curious. And super sweet!

This is how it was in the old days. When mom had to start working, the
children followed her in the fields and forests. And for sure they
learned something, too.

Hovin Inka is a working mother. 
Here you can get to know her business better:

Inkantinki in Facebook

Photos by Sanna and Juha Kujala
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