14 Oct 2015

It´s all about the Combination of the Details

Think about their soft muzzle, eyes like a pond, tender ears...

Photo Casper Wyoming

And yes: "Freedom is feeling the wind that blows between a horse's ears"

Think about the mane and tail fluttering in the wind...

Think about the warmth of the back and sides. You can smell it...

Jennifer Sabir

Think about their size and how muscular they are!
It´s a wonder how the delicate ankles carry all that - and you - so lightly!

Horses are a perfect combination of fine and lovable details.
And your very own horse is the most perfect one: it has it´s own personality
and there is a unique bond between you two.

We understand that. 
That´s why we want to offer you the possibility
to have your best friend with you - all the time, forever.

nannasalmi collection is all about the combination of the perfect details -
just like your horse.


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salmi tailhair jewellery

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