2 Sept 2015

Thank You

Dear customers, dear collaborators, dear readers,

I have had the incredible 15 years with you and your horses. I have received beautiful tail hair, wonderful messages, heard amazing and touching stories...

I have had the priviledge to work with top professionals and wonderful agents. I´m happy I found and met you all!

It has been a long way. There has been ups and downs. But I have always believed in this product - so have you. Thank you for that.

No! These are not "goodbyes"! These are a big "hello, hello" for the next 15 years. I just feel
that this is a good moment to introduce my collaborators and give themthe c dit they deserve.

inspiration for the tailhair ribbons

Anitte Stensgård, my first horse, my greatest inspiration

nannasalmi horsehair jewellery

Tuisku, my second horse - what a wise mare

Our international agents

 Lidia Nagy and Alessandro Albanese - it was such a happy day
to have you visiting us here in Finland. Keep up the good work!

nannasalmi agent in Ireland

Stacey McMahon, Tailored Equestrian - thank you for staying with me
through this all.

Hakubado Kobe, Tatsuya Asano

Tatsuya Asano, Hakubado Kobe, Japan - you are a very special man.
It was fantastic that you also visited me in Finland.

lahtelainen kultaseppä Marjut Viitanen
photo Tarja Sipponen

Designer goldsmith Marjut Viitanen, Kultasepäntalo Marjut Viitanen
You have been a priceless help since the beginning, and most notably -
you understood my vision. Thank you for your beautiful work.

Goldsmith Lauri Eno, Hieno Jewel - in you I can trust when it comes to 
3D modelling and photographing jewelry. Thank you for your great work. 
And even on a short notice...

Engraver Tarja Kaarnakoski - you maintain nowadays more and more rare 
profession of hand engraving. You have a beautiful handwriting and
an excellent eye for space and size. Thank you for your exquisite work.

Second generation, my daughter Minna - thank you for your unconditional help
with marketing and social media.

Her husband Kari - thank you for economical advice and IT -support.

My son Sami - thank you for your help with graphic designs.
You´ve got talent.

My father, Jodi, Tiina, Monika, ElisabethStyle My Ride, Paula,
Paul, Adriana, Anniina, all my friends, all of you cooperating
with me in one way or another
- you know what you have done, how you have helped and supported me -
So grateful!

And last, but not least:
Thank you all our customers all over the world!
Thank you for following us in Facebook and Instagram.

Without you there would not be us...

nannasalmi pferdehaarschmuck

Kindest regards, Nanna Salmi

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