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3 May 2018

Printemps Menu in Restaurant Gösta

If you ever visit Finland and you have time, we recommend visiting Mänttä
in mid Finland. And our Finnish readers: when planning holiday trips, consider Mänttä
if you enjoy good food and art. Mänttä offers, although a very small city, a rich range of
cultural and culinary experiences and beautiful nature.

Click here to see what is going on in Mänttä this year:

In Serlachius museum restaurant "Gösta" we enjoyed a spring time
menu a´la restaurators, chefs Henry Tikkanen and Pekka Terävä.

Before the lunch we saw a movie "Set up to the plate" (click to read a review),
 a document film about star chefs Michel Brasin and his son Sébastian Bras, their life,
food and family.  The film is directed by Paul Lacoste.

Michel cooking at home with his grandson (from the movie)

Restaurant Gösta
Art by Heikki Marila, "Mänttä"wooden light fixture by Secto Design, Finland

Painting by Akseli Gallen Kallela, "Spring"
A sketch for a fresco in Jusélius´ mauseleum 1902-1903

This special day of a special Menu was one of the events on 


Crème Ninon - green pea soup with champagne
This classic French soup was a perfect starter for the spring menu:
fresh, soft and gauzy.

Wine suggestion Taittinger Brut Champagne

Lamb tartare, bone marrow cream, crispy bread and watercress
The combination of textures made this dish very interesting. Watercress
gave springlike freshness and crispy bread crunchiness. Tartare almost melted 
in mouth like a good tartare should do.

Wine suggestion Hecht & Bannier Rose

Bouillabaisse a´la Gösta
Shellfish broth, salmon, whitefish, scallops, shrimps and leak
Traditional, full bodied broth with seafood. Everything was perfectly cooked, 
especially the salmon which you too often get over cooked... So soft and tender.

Wine suggestion Sauska Chardonnay

"Coq au Vin" with polenta and asparagus in red wine sauce
Traditional dish in a modern way. Didn´t look like it, but tasted exactly like!
It was nice to have luscious champignons, onions and asparagus in 
one piece by the chicken, The broth was tasty and polenta nice change 
instead of rice or mashed potatoes .

Wine suggestion redwine Gotim Bru 

Lavender crème brûlée with strawberry sauce
This is a dessert full of spring and promise of summer. Perfect ending for a perfect menu.

Wine suggestion Hungarian Golden Beams, grapes from Germany

We all enjoyed the food a lot. There was no "weak link" which was quite
surprising considering it was a five course menu. The portion size was good,
the wine menu complimented food.

This menu deserves five stars!
Kuvahaun tulos haulle five stars

Thank you, we will be back.

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