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13 Apr 2016

Spring, sun and - foals!

Getting ready for the Horses and Dreams in Hagen a. T.W., Germany, 
has kept us quite busy. We know that it´s a great event and there are
almost 70 000 visitors during the four days between 20.-24.4.

Welcome to visit our stand and to see (and to feel) the collection!
We are placed by the cross way of the garden-/ lifestyle exhibition, 
dressage arena and the Danish village.

In between booking flights, renting cars, ordering brochures and
all that, I started to go through some pictures on the internet -
spring, sun and ever so sweet foals. I found these 
beautiful photos by Meryta Trojanska - Koch.

Can you smell the meadow and the flowers? Can you feel
the wind and the pure joy of life?

Have a great, sunny day, everybody!

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