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16 Feb 2016

The Truth is out there #saidatstables

Life at the stables, part 1: Time
- Mom told me that when you were fifteen like we are now everybody tried 
smoking and boozing at the stables.
- OMG, can't be, I can't be that much older than you!

Life at the stables, part 2: Children
- …I've been thinking to quit riding for once and all.
- What would you do then?
- Well, what do the people do in my age? Sit with the children at the 
playground and think about sucide?
- That you can think about at the cross-country lessons as well. And for 
sure it´s much more fun…

Life at the stables, part 3: Jealousy
- My husband does not believe that all male riders are not gay.
- Considering how much time you spend here at the stables, let him 
believe what ever he wants.

Life at the stables, part 4: Half Halt
- That was so wild... I almost peed my pants.
- After giving a birth you don´t need an obstacle for that anymore.

Life at the stables, part 5: Rules
- Horses always refuse to the right. 
- How would you know that?
-...until they refuse to the left.

Life at the stables, part 6: National Horse Show
-My husband had a suggestion why there was no audience at the arena.
-Somewhere there was a "paint getting dry" -competition at the same time 
and there was more to see.

Life at the stables, part 7: Doping
-Farrier got his job done without tranquilizers.
-Great! What about the horse?

Wise words from the horse chat:
"Oh yes, some of the farriers are definitely very sexy, but the magic 
disappears the second you imagine theit hoof smelling hands on your 
intimate areas..."
#truthfromstables #saidatstables

The original text from Anniina Paalanen,

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