5 Jan 2016

Proudly presenting - our new agent in UK!

It was a half cloudy, a bit windy day in Dublin Horse Show 2015, when a young man
walked to our jewellery vitrine and said: "Oh my God! I can´t believe I find you here!"

"It was really amazing to stand there", Charlie says. "I had been browsing their website and
planning to get in touch in order to become their agent in UK. And now it was so much easier: we had met face to face, some e-mail correspondence after Dublin and I was ready for Finland!"

So, a few weeks later Charlie came to Finland to meet us, learn more about the collection
and the people who are involved. Nanna approved Charlie right away and we felt like
we had known each others for a long time. Cheers! 

Who is Charlie Harris?

Charlie Harris is a man whose dream was to drive tractors as a grown up - but life 
went different.  After leaving school he began training as a blacksmith (predominantly 
because of a love for burning stuff, he says).  After 2 years of making ornate gates, 
railings and candlesticks he also learned a love for the working shire horses on 
the forge farm. This led to helping the Farrier shoe the shires and make the shoes and 
later him starting a 5 year apprenticeship in Farriery. 
Many years later he is still shoeing horses.

In the search for ways to diversify from the hard physical work he loved, he started 
working on websites and opened his own Gallery in Olney. 

Charlie learned quickly and enjoyed every minute of it on the high street but he had to close 
the gallery a year later. By the end he exhibited predominately animal art and it sold 
fantastically, partly because of his natural interest. Out of this and his experience 
with websites www.animal-artworks.co.uk was born. 

nannasalmi collection is a perfect combination of craftmanship, art and emotions. 
We think that Charlie is exactly the right man to represent us in UK.

The first day we spent at Nanna´s studio. So much to learn, so much to know...

"It was so exciting! I could not imagine how many things have to be considered
and how much there are possibilities. It was also great to see where and how Nanna
lives and works. It gives a good base for my work".

After hard studying day the dinner was served at Minna´s and Kari´s.

"Oh dear - home made smoked salmon - that is something you don´t get
every day in UK! I could smell the smoke all the way to the street..."

The August evenings are light and warm and we got to enjoy the Finnish
summer specialities - smoked salmon (by Kari, smoked at home) 
and new potatoes in cream and dill.

Lingonberry cider? Whaat?

More lingonberries with quark and whipped cream.

The second day we visited the goldsmith Marjut Viitanen. She showed us 
all kinds of tools, techniques, liquids and other exciting things. 

"It was fantastic to meet these artisans! I have never been to the goldsmiths workshop and
it was quite a surprise how many tools they use and how fine and sophisticated their
work is. I really value their role in making the jewellery."


It´s all so small...

After this visit Charlie flew back home and started working on the website.
The result is here:

Animal Artworks presents

You find Charlie also on Facebook

At your service, UK, Charlie Harris

Welcome to the team, Charlie!

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