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27 Oct 2015

The Helsinki International Porsche Horse Show

There is Internet. There is social media. You can be in touch with anybody anywhere
anytime but it´s never same as meeting face to face.

It is hard work to be at the stand for twelve hours a day and meet hundreds of people. But the
reward is the kindness and joy of hundreds of people. It was so fantastic to meet our old and
future customers, to hear their horse stories and to hear what this jewellery collection means to them.

There is nothing better than to meet your customer face to face.

It was also fantastic to meet our co-operators and people we 
know but never actually met. 

Irene, Anna, Johanna, Irene, Marianne, Emmi, Tommi,
Heikki, Tiina and many, many others.

Autumn colors were beautiful

Last year there was snow this time a year

Stable area...

...always something going on.

The grooms work hard from early morning till late night and sleep with 
the horses in the trailers - that we would call a real horse life

Dubarry of Ireland, Sweden

Dubarry of Ireland, Sweden Those black boots... on the shopping list.

 Hobby-horse owners' paradise

Our neighbour, They had delicious dried banana for horses
which was actually better than any dried banana we have ever tasted.

In the evening

This was impressive

Staff meeting

Volunteers are very important for every horse show

Every year in The Helsinki International Horse Show the jury nominates the best stand of the expo. 
The winner in 2015 was Nian Ab from Sweden. 

This year, for the first time ever, the jury demanded to nominate also 
the recognition of excellence
and the receiver was our stand, the stand of nannasalmi horsehair jewellery!

Causes of an opinion: 

"This original collection of woven horsehair ribbons combined with precious metals and stones is innovative, high quality, beautiful and stylish. Service was friendly and the possibility to meet the designer was special and interesting."

We want to thank the jury for this great honor.


"The office and the conference room"

Bracelets Bebé, Puella Star and Puella

Rings Cassiopeia and Coco
Brooch Ayad
Bracelets Naomi, Noora and Armana

We also wish to thank Gunilla and the whole organisation for an excellent fair.
See you next year at HIHPS 2016!

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