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18 Sep 2015

Getting Ready for the Helsinki International Porsche Horse Show

So exciting! This year the nannasalmi collection can
22. - 25.10.2015.

Going to a horse show is not all about watching the
shows, show jumping or dressage... It´s also about sensing the ambiance,
smelling the horses and the dust of the arena, meeting friends and -

We are glad to be apart of your shopping experience in HIHPS 2015!
You will also have a rare possibility to meet the designer Nanna Salmi in person.

Have you ever thought how much work there is before the expo opens?
A lot!

We don´t have heavy stuff to carry. We don´t have tens of harnesses,
saddles, riding boots or hoofpicks and brushes to be put on the shelves.
Those exhibitors work really hard for days before and after the show.

We have these delicate, little things.

On the top of that there are many little details to be taken care 
so that your shopping experience would be perfect!

Welcome to see the original nannasalmi collection "live"
and to meet the designer. She will be glad
to help you to choose the design made with your own
horse´s hair.

Tervetuloa tutustumaan aitoon ja alkuperäiseen
nannasalmi kokoelmaan Helsingissä
22. - 25.10.2015

Voit tavata suunnittelija Nanna Salmen henkilökohtaisesti ja
valita oman korusi ja nauhamallin hänen avustuksellaan.

Sydämellisesti tervetuloa!
stand/osasto P23b

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