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8 Jul 2015

Summer Delicatessen: Greek Salad with Strawberries

Strawberries are something that the Finns wait as much as the Midsummer Fest or
the new potatoes. They represent us the taste of summer. 

They are on the news and we talk about them: 
When does the season start? How has the weather been?
Is the season in time, early or late? Was it too cold for the flowers in May ?
How much do they cost today?

In the beginning of July the season starts and we eat them. And we eat them
a little bit more and when we can´t eat them any more we deep freeze
them for the winter time.

If you ever got to taste a Finnish strawberry that grew in a field, you would perfectly well 
understand why we are so crazy about them:
The sun shines almost 24/7 in June and July and that makes the sugar level
high in the berry and you just can´t get that naturally super sweet berries 
anywhere else! They don´t need added sugar.

The season is short - we try to enjoy them as often as we can. And we want them 
"picked today". The season has started...

One delicious way to have strawberries is in a cheese salad. Pick some lettuce from the garden, add
cucumber, spring onions or leek, black and green olives, feta cheese (or any other cheese 
you fancy, even blue cheese) and strawberries...

Open a bottle of dry sparkling wine and enjoy!

Bon Appetit!

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