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7 Jul 2015

Interview with Nanna Salmi - part III

So, gardening, a dog, working... What about horses?

- I wouldn´t say that having a pony was my biggest dream when I was a child. My dream was 
to be a Red Indian and I practised to build teepees and to tiptoe in a 
forest, Nanna says laughing.

- I started riding when we moved to the country and I got riding lessons as a birthday present 
when I got fourty. It was not love at the first sight, after every lesson I decided 
I will not come back to the stables never ever again. It was too scary, a horse seemed 
like a mountain high and it made strange movements. But after the seventh 
riding lesson even wild horses could not have kept me off from the saddle.

In the beginning Nanna rode the ridingschool horses but quite soon there was 
an opportunity to buy a horse: 18 years old oldenburg - hannoverian mare, 
Anitte StensgĂ„rd ("Nitte"), ex jumper, a real diva on her good days and bad days. 
Her owner wished Nitte to have a good place for her retirement years, 
Nanna did not have to think twice.

Nitte at home
- I was happy, but also terrified!, Nanna remembers. I knew that a horse is a big responsibility, 
needs time and takes money... And I wasn´t that experienced horse woman by the time. 
But with the help from my friends everything went well and we, Nitte and me, spent several 
fantastic years together. She tought me a lot and we very much loved each other.

It was one of the saddest days in my life when I had to put her down, but I knew her last 
few years with me were good and happy.

- I will never forget her, she was my inspiration.

To be continued...

If you would like to ask Nanna Salmi about her work etc., please, leave 
a comment! She will answer the question personally.

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