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13 Jul 2015

Interview with Nanna Salmi - part IV

We are sitting on the terrace with a view to a small garden. It´s still warm, though it is late September. I wanted to understand from Nanna when and how the idea of the horsehair jewellery came to her.

- The idea came very slowly but surely. Sometimes, while grooming Nitte and brushing her tail, I would hold her tail hair in my hand and wonder if it would be possible to make a strong ribbon using her hair, and that it would be interesting to try to do something that nobody had done or seen before. But I never tried, since there were so many projects I was already working on. The idea was like a wavering morning mist... it appeared and then disappeared again.

- Nitte stayed at the nearby farm together with fifteen other horses. The boarders at the farm where Nitte lived and I wanted to give something special to the stable owner for her 40th birthday. It just popped out from my mouth, without even thinking, that I could try to make her a piece of jewellery using hair from three generations of her mares. Everybody thought it was a great idea and so the gift problem was solved.

And there it was, a big promise and a beautiful vision

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