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20 Jul 2015

Greetings from Hansa Town Tallinn, Estonia

Just a two hours ferry trip from Helsinki you find a beautiful city of Tallinn. Tallinn
 is an unique combination of new and old, traditions and modern architecture. 
The heart of the city is the old town which was founded already before 1154 and it has 
a long, colourful history as a very important hansa town.

After World War II started, Estonia was annexed by the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1940, and later occupied by Nazi Germany from 1941 to 1944. After the Nazi retreat in 1944, it was 
again annexed by the USSR. After annexation into the Soviet Union, 
Tallinn became the capital of the Estonian SSR in 1991.

During those years the old town was in a pretty bad condition: people lived there, but there
wasn´t very much for the tourists unless you enjoyed decayed idyll. The good thing was
that even if nobody really cared about the city - or the historical part of it - they
did not put it down either. In last twenty years the old town has been restored and
there are a lot of new buildings in the other parts of the city. Tallinn's Old Town 
is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

When you walk in the Old Town you get to see the most beautiful views to the narrow streets.
There is always a little surprise behind every corner... Estonians have eye for details: cafés,
restaurants, shops are decorated with a very good taste and distinctive touch.

Arts and crafts are valued, old, traditional professions
 are dignified. Young people make modern art, they create innovative products
and have fresh ideas. 

Between the old buildings, on the narrow alleys, the history has been brought alive.

Walk through the gateways, explore the back yards. You can find the most charming café or restaurant, art gallery or shop... Chocolaterie de Pierre is a café with some bohemian atmosphere, hand made chocolate, delicious cakes served in huge pieces, coffee and drinks. 

Estonian people love beautiful things, especially flowers. The flower shops are open till late night.

We Finns are privileged to have this beautiful city so near to us. We love visiting Tallinn. 
Sometimes for a day, sometimes for a few nights. Besides the historical ambiance and attractions, Tallinn offers great spas, saunas and beauty salons, boutiques, shopping centers and 
department stores with all the international luxury brands.

There are also many very good restaurants in the city. This time we visited "Leib Resto & Aed" and 
the Tallinn number 1 "Noa". But about them - next time....


  1. emerald1246@gmail.com21 Jul 2015, 08:43:00

    What a wonderful place to visit!!!

  2. Oh yes, Tallinn is worth visiting. And the best thing is that you always find something new there!


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