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21 Jul 2015

Estonian Restaurant no 1 - NOA Peakoka Saal

In Tallinn you find gorgeus restaurants: top chefs and sommeliers, top quality food, 
good range of wines and marvellous interiors.

When we decided to travel to Tallinn we made a table reservation to the number 1
restaurant right away - 2 months ago! That is the only way to get to the

Noa is located by the sea, in Pirita, about 15 minutes drive from the city center.
There are actually two restaurants: Noa Restaurant is a little bit more relaxed
fine dining and the Head Chef´s hall is more private and elegant where 5 -7 course
menus are served. The head chef is Tõnis Siigur and the sous chef is Miihkel Rand.

From the big windows there is a beautiful view to the Bay of Pirita. When sitting at the chef´s table, the best view is to the kitchen but the mirror underneath the "champagne wall" gives you the possibility to enjoy the sunset as well.

Matching wine menu is a perfect addition to the meal but my suggestion is that you share
the wines between two persons - after seven glasses of wine you are quite "tipsy" 
and you probably can´t enjoy the dinner as it would deserve...

Menu with wine recommendations - celeriac "gyozac" -  cheese donuts/buttermilk

Duck - Peas (best peas ever!) - Toffee/Chantarelle consomme (wonderful!)

Pike Perch - Miihkel, our host - Lamb (absolutely perfectly cooked, melted in mouth...)

Taittinger champagne - chocolate, cookies and candied lichen (Cladonia stellaris) (incredible...)

Food was simple, no unnecessary tricks. Real tastes, local ingredients. 
They trust the food´s natural aromas and highlight them.

Personnel was very polite but not stiff. They told about the food and wines short and pithy but were willing to answer all the questions we had and if we started a discussion they came along.

Although the building and decoration were very modern, it was not sterile or cold. 
Natural materials like hays, wood, leather and stone was used sofisticated to create earthy, 
warm atmosphere.

Must say: perfect evening, five stars!
 If you enjoy watching chefs cooking, discuss wines and food with personnel
and feel really VIP - go to the chef´s table in Noa. 

If you wish to socialize with your entourage, get an "ordinary" table 
where you don´t sit in a row - you still feel VIP... 

Thank you, Noa, for a perfect night!

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