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29 Jun 2015

Interview with Nanna Salmi, part II

The sun is shining outside. I see big, white flowers through the window. 
There is an appletree that spreads it´s branches to protect the small back yard garden. 
A lot of green leaves and white flowers.

-Gardening is for me a way to relax, a way to empty my mind for a while. It is something 
that I can control and still not! It lives, it changes, every day and every time of the year
 it is different, Nanna says.

-They are such wonderful moments when I take a break, go and sit there. Especially after rain 
when the water drops sparkle like millions of diamonds. That same feeling you can get 
riding in a forest after rain.

Nanna´s little dog, Otto, seems to enjoy the garden. too.
-Otto follows me: he is in my working room when I work, he follows me to the garden 
when I take a break. He is a wonderful companion to work with!

To be continued...

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