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24 Jun 2015

Interview with Nanna Salmi, part I

We sit in Nanna´s working room drinking coffee. I look around: there are horsehair bunches hanging on the wall, drawings on the desk. I see little plastic bags with names on them and in those bags there is always a small bundle of horsehair: tail hairs from the customers. Everything in a very precise order.

- I am very careful with the hair. I never handle two different customer´s materials at the same time. It´s the idea of the whole thing: the jewelry is made out of the customer´s horse´s hair and I want to make it absolutely sure that they really are! 

There are envelopes from all over the world. Some of them are decorated with the pictures of horses. 

- It´s always an exciting moment to open an envelope, Nanna says. Which colours, how long the hair is. Sometimes the content of the bag can be quite rousing... I have received hair with blood on and that tells me that something very sad and terrible has happened. Usually, when I receive the hair, I already know a lot about the horse: the name, the character, "the job" etc. People tell a lot about their beloved ones when ordering the jewellery. It is very rewarding to be in a close contact with customers. I hear a lot of stories and often it is discussed which pattern would both reflect the horses' temper and be the best for that spesific item.

Carefully packed hair of beloved horses
Another delivery of carefully packed hair
The ribbons are ready and will be sent to a goldsmith 
A ribbon woven by an order using hair of ten horses
- When I hold a hair bundle in my hand it starts to tell me a story. That is the inspiration for every ribbon I make.”

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To be continued...

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