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9 Jun 2015

Blankets, blankets, more blankets - is it supposed to be summer?

The beginning of the summer has been pretty cold, windy and rainy in the northern Europe.
It is upsetting and there is not much to do about it. You can only try to make
yourself comfortable and warm...

We love blankets. They look good hanging on the chair or thrown on a sofa. The good
looking one you can use as an accessory late in the autumn or early in the spring time.

A blanket is handy when having a picnic, going to horse races, outdoor concerts -
or when you just hang by the fireplace and try to warm yourself up.

Soft greys are classic in any material or style.

Grey isn´t necessarely boring!

Or do you want it softer? Choose beige or brownish tones...

And when white, the structure counts...

Graphic black and white is always trendy!

It´s also ok to wear one!

Let´s hope the weather gets better!

P.S. If your dear horse looks like it´s freezing, borrow him a blanket...

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