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5 May 2015

Spring time, foaling time

Here we have collected some of the most beautiful photos of foals. Each photographer
is linked to their homepages. Please, enjoy!

It´s a long time to wait for one - 11 long, long months... But the result is worth waiting!
Foaling is always exciting, sometimes even scary, but horses are quite good at it.

Did you know that a horse is the only mammal that can effect the moment of  a birth by itself?
This phenomenon comes from the times when the horses lived wild in gaggles. As the horses moved
from place to place, there was some danger or the weather was bad this was the way to make sure
that the foal and the mare would be safe and will survive.

Photo by Deb Little Photography

The mares do not want to be disturbed when giving a birth. The breeders know this:
foaling starts when you are away for the weekend or at least when you are asleep...

So, if you wish to see your mare´s foal sooner, try to stay out of the stable! 
There is a saying:
"A watched mare never foals."

Photo by Carol Walker  Living Images Horse Photography

It´s always touching to see how the mothers take care of their babies, no matter if human, cats,
dogs, sheep, horses...

Photographer unkonown, found on

In just a few hours a foal is ready to get up on it´s feet.

Photo by Robin Duncan

It does not take long to build a mother-child bondage.

Photo by Kelly Campbell

Sometimes you get twins!

photographer Kersti Nebelsiek

Found on

To have a foal of your own mare is a big and interesting thing. You can watch the foal growing and see if it is more like the mother or the father. It is touching to watch the mare taking care and
teaching the young one to be a horse.

One way to celebrate and remember this special birthday is to have a ribbon made with hair
of these two (or three!). You just have to wait the foals tail getting long enough!

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