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25 Mar 2015

In memoriam N.G. Cherokee 1.7.1997 - 7.10.2014

N.G. Cherokee, ”Elmeri”, was our first own horse - he became to us in the age of 13 after he had completed an honorable career in dressage riding in Finland. Elmeri was everything you could hope from a schoolmaster. Intelligent, noble, kind, challenging and fair. He taught us so much about horses and people. Best moments were in the competitions when he walked to the arena proud and helped me through the course - as I was only starting in the easiest competitions and really nervous. It’s like he would have whispered to me ”don’t worry - I got this”. My father was always as a groom in the competitions and shared a special bond with Elmeri. Those were such a special moments. Elmeri was something special.

Elmeri passed away in the age of 17 due to a difficult hoof cancer after a sick leave of almost a year. He left a huge empty space in our family. With my mom we ordered ourselves nannasalmi Cassandra plastrons to remind us about Elmeri. It helped get through the process of sorrow. 

When my dad had his 60th birthday nannasalmi horsehair jewellery was certainly a perfect gift idea! We ordered him the tie bar Poco Loco and cufflinks Polo. The gift was especially moving and stylish in all it’s simplicity and something he would have never expected. Dad was really touched by this gift.

In a way having these jewelries made of Elmeri's hair helped us to move on from his memory, which is still present in our daily lives. But more like a beautiful dream than a haunting sorrow.

Thank you Nanna Salmi for your meaningful and timeless design - it’s truly a jewellery with a thought.

Irene Häggkvist
Helsinki Finland

Irene herself is very talented fashion designer. Please, visit her website to read and see more!

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